Event locations

The Pueblo Español is perfect for all type of events, because the 24,000 m² space has a large number of locations, both outdoors and covered, which can easily be adapted to the needs of our customers.


El Pueblo Español also offers different environments in which to hold more intimate events, such as the Church of Torralba de Ribota (Zaragoza) or the Restaurant Los Arcos, located in the Plaza Mayor.


The Magna room is 950 m², and can host events for up to 3,000 people, but we also cater for more private groups of between 50 and 300 people. The entire complex of The Pueblo Español can hold up to 15,000 people for a single event.

Pueblo Español
Sala Diputación
Palacio de Congresos
Sala Magna

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Pueblo Español, 55 | 07014 | Palma de Mallorca

[+34] 971 457 633 | eventos@nuevopuebloespanol.com

Horario/ Öffnungszeiten/ Schedule

De noviembre a marzo: 09:00 a 17:00 horas | Nov.-März: 9.00h - 17.00h | November - March: 9:00 to 17:00 hours

De abril a octubre: 10:00 a 18:00 horas | April-Okt.: 10.00h - 18.00h | April - October: 10:00 to 18:00 hours

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